Welcome to our adventure.


We are Lily and Gigi, we study Music Business and Arts Management in London.  Our journey/friendship started 1 year ago when we became classmates and moreover inseparable friends.

We are passionate about music which inspired us to created a music blog where we were going to review concerts and music videos but, as we share the love for exploring and traveling, we decide to make it more personal and talk about things that we do and like. We live in London so you will read a lot about our London adventures but we travel often to our home countries so you can explore with us events even outside of the UK. 

A little introduction of ourselves, I’m Lily, 24, originally from Portugal but I have been living in London for 5 years. I can’t live without music, so I decided to study music business. My favorite things to do are going for walks in the park, spend time with my friends and family and read. I’m a very positive person and I always see the best in every situation. 

I’m Gigi, 21, born in the Czech Republic. I am in London for two years so far. I’ve decided to come here because I am following my dream – work in the music industry. And is there a better place for it than London and its countless music venues of all genres that it offers? Apart from music, I love chocolate, my dog, family, friends and my granny’s food (well actually I love that one the most). 

We hope you enjoy our blog and any suggestion or comments please sent us an email. 

Xx L&G